Architecture Review Committee

Architectural Review Committee’s Information Requirements and Procedures

Information Submittal Requirements

  • Building plans and site drawings used to pull permits from the county are to be given to the Architecture Review Committee prior to submitting these plans to the county. New construction, additions or when moving an existing structure to a Howell Point lot.

Architectural Review Committee Standard Procedure

Step 1 - Information Submittal
  • Prior to the start of getting permits, any construction, the property owner will submit to the HPA board the set of documents required to initiate the review process.
Step 2 - Information Review
  • The Architectural Review Committee needs to complete the review within 10 days.
  • It is the goal of the Architectural Review Committee to ensure the design and location conform to and are in harmony with the existing and conforming structures in the sub-division.
  • The Architectural Review Committee will communicate the results of the review in writing either by mail or email.
  • If not, the design will be considered approved unless the Architectural Review Committee requests additional time to work in collaboration with the property owner to resolve any issues. The request for additional time must be agreed to by the property owner.
Step 3 - Appeal Process
  • If the Architectural Review Committee and the property owner cannot resolve their issues, it will be the position of the board to take the issue to mediation, sharing the cost with the property owner with the goal of avoiding the escalation of the dispute.
  • If the issue is not resolved through a cooperative mediation process and litigation is initiated, the current association by-laws state that 'costs incurred by the Association in connection with enforcing the Deed Restrictions against any non-conforming building plans, shall be paid by the property owner of the planned non-conforming building and shall remain as a lien against such Member's Lot(s) until paid in full.'

Items to be Reviewed by the Architectural Review Committee

  • Penn Township zoning requirements are met.
  • The planned construction has a residential appearance and can be used as a residence.
  • A one-story residential dwelling has a minimum ground floor sq. ft. area of 800 sq. ft. and 600 sq. ft in the case of a structure greater than a single story.
  • All non-conforming structures within the boundaries of HPA that were built prior to September 2023 are accepted as is and are out of scope for the purposes of this document.
  • A residential lot cannot be subdivided into building plots having a width less than the original lot width.
  • A building can be erected in a residential building plot with a frontage less than originally plotted.
  • No trailer, basement, tent, shack, garage, barn, outbuilding or temporary structure shall be used as a residence at any time.

Items Expected to be Enforced by Penn Township Building Codes

  • Set back distance from the lake.
  • Set back distance from the front lot line.
  • Set back distance from the side lot line along with possible exceptions for garages at the rear of the lot.
  • The rear lot utility easement distance.
  • Mandatory connection to the municipal sewer system if the new structure requires waste water handling capability.
  • Building height or all structures must adhere to Penn Township zoning requirements (Penn Zoning for low density residential is 2 ½ stories or 35ft).