Deed Restrictions

Thinking of Building?

Howell Point is a Deed Restricted community.

The original Deed Restrictions for Howell Point were written by D. E. Henikoff, President of the Howell Estates Development Company, and recorded by the Cass County Register of Deeds on September 1, 1938. The Restrictions were created by “the owner for and in consideration of the increase in value of the property” that would result from the imposition of these restrictions.

This means there are rules we all need to follow when building a new home, an addition, or any free-standing garages or storage buildings. The Deed Restrictions are posted on our website. They are legally binding and are part of the title to your property. Primarily, they call for new homes, additions, and out-buildings to have a residential appearance that blends in with the other buildings in Howell Point.

These important safeguards created some 80+ years ago have had a lasting impact on Howell Point as our community has been developed over the years, and they continue to guide new development within the subdivision.

To avoid any misunderstandings and unnecessary expense, it is best to discuss your plan concepts before developing construction drawings. And remember to provide drawings of your project to the Howell Point Board for its review and approval before submitting them to Penn Township for a building permit or starting construction.

Of course, your plans must conform to the Penn Township building codes and ordinances, as well as to the Howell Point Deed Restrictions.

Please keep our Deed Restrictions in mind when you’re planning a project. Also, all property owners are strongly encouraged to communicate with those parties involved in the sale or rental of their property. that Howell Point is a deed restricted community. The first link will take you to a downloadable PDF of the Deed Restrictions as recorded at the Cass County Register of Deeds on July 16, 1962. The second link will take you to a reformatted more user-friendly version of the same deed restrictions.


Call the Board President to discuss your plans or for more information.