About Howell Point Association

About Howell Point Association

The area that is now the Howell Point subdivision was originally the farm of the Howell family for more than 70 years. The land was sold in 1925 to Harry and Hazel Crooks of Chicago. In 1930, the 80-acre property was sold to Daniel E. Henikoff of Chicago, who created the Howell Estates Development Company. The property was subdivided into lots thereafter and Howell Point began taking shape as a residential community. The small brick house at the southwest corner of Howell Drive and Shiawassee Drive was the original sales office for the subdivision. Today, there are approximately 127 owners with property in Howell Point. In 1938, the Howell Estates Development Company deeded 6 lots along the shore of Diamond Lake to be known as Willow Beach and Park. The deed directs that “said beach and park shall be controlled and maintained by the committee referred to in Paragraph (g) hereof.” Today, the property is known as Howell Point Park, and the committee responsible for maintenance and control of the Park is the Howell Point Association Board of Trustees. The Board consists of a President, Secretary, Treasurer and 6 members, all of whom are elected by the property owners of Howell Point.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Howell Point lots are subject to the Deed Restrictions originally written and recorded at the Cass County Register of Deeds on September 1, 1938. The Restrictions were revised and re-recorded in 1962. The term of these restrictions is 25 years after which they are perpetually extended as is for 10-year terms unless modified by a majority of owners.

These restrictions control the types of buildings that can be erected within Howell Point – primarily intended to be single family homes. Persons contemplating building within Howell Point should review these Restrictions before purchasing vacant lots or developing building plans. Also, all property owners are strongly encouraged to communicate with those parties involved in the sale or rental of their property, that Howell Point is a deed restricted community. The first link will take you to a downloadable PDF of the Deed Restrictions as recorded at the Cass County Register of Deeds on July 16, 1962. The second link will take you to a reformatted more user-friendly version of the same deed restrictions.


Historical Documents

The original Plat of Survey showing the subdivision of the Howell farm was recorded on April 17, 1925. Click here to view a PDF of the Survey.

On July 25, 1955, Howell Point neighbors got together and incorporated the Howell Point Association, “To promote the general welfare of the subdivision called Howell Point, Diamond Lake, Cassopolis, Michigan.” The Association is a non-profit Michigan corporation. Click here to view a PDF of the original filing of the Articles of Incorporation.

Our Board of Trustees

John Dombrowski

Dede Petro

Teresa Dahlgren

Board Members:
Dave Sheppard
Jerry Droppo
Joe Scharnak
John Dombrowski
Rosanne Byrne
Wayne Vandermeer

Howell Point Association
c/o Teresa Dahlgren
21670 Shiawasse Drive
Cassopolis, MI 49031